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Make Room for the Miracle is a story of struggle, overcoming heartache and, most importantly, hope. It delivers a powerful message of holding on when things get tough. It is makes an ideal gift for both teens and adults seeking to find purpose in their own difficulties or for any reader needing a boost of inspiration.

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16-Year-Olds Aren't Supposed to Have Cancer

He dreamed of flying for the Air Force and playing his senior year of high school. Learn how a terminal diagnosis changed Russ Cherry’s life for the better.

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Join the thousands of people who have enjoyed a keynote presentation unlike any other.

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In customized one- and two-day workshops at your location, you’ll see how good communication reduces conflict and improves interactions among staff and with customers.

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As a keynote speaker, Russ delivers life-changing messages with audiences by sharing his personal stories and philosophies of personal and professional growth. Including him in your next convention, corporate meeting or event will inspire all those present to embrace life, take action and look forward to the opportunities awaiting them.

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Do your staff members communicate effectively with one another? Is there tension in your workplace which affects productivity? Are you looking for tools that can improve production? It’s time to schedule a one- or two-day workshop and consultation with Russ.

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About Russ

At 16, Russ Cherry was diagnosed with Stage 4D lung cancer and given 24 hours to live. The lessons he learned would ultimately shape his view of life and give him the desire to share his message with people around the world.

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