Finding Success by Hitting Rock Bottom

We all have dark days, and sometimes even dark weeks, months or even years. When those dark days pile up and we have trouble seeing even a glimpse of hope, we say—and feel–that we have hit “rock bottom”. But I want you to consider the benefits those dark days can bring.

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You Owe YOU An Explanation

As human beings, it’s natural for us to avoid risk and maximize rewards. Most of us go through life doing our best to play it safe.  And that’s a good thing. Until it’s not. Let me explain: Everyone wants a guarantee – in the products we buy and in our lives – we want... read more

How to Start an Awkward Conversation

People are messy. I’m not talking about their personal hygiene or their living conditions. I’m talking about people and their relationships. Relationships are sticky gooey and messy. All of us, myself included, want neat crisp clear relationships with well... read more

Living & Working With Imposter Syndrome

You may have a syndrome and not even know it.  Or maybe you’ve realized you have some symptoms, but may not have a define your problem.   For instance, you’ve heard something like this play over and over in your mind: “If an expert showed up right... read more

Ask Yourself This Team Training Question

When I work with human resources professionals to create team training opportunities, I often like to conduct “thought experiments.”  Recently, as I was working with one individual who was struggling to understand why people in the company she worked for... read more

What Would You Attempt If You Couldn’t Fail?

When we take responsibility for our dreams and accept the risks and potential failure that comes with that dream we are almost there. The next thing we must do is never give up. The only time we fail is when we stop trying and walk away from our dreams.

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