Why do businesses turn to Russ Cherry for consulting? Because he takes an approach unlike any other, combining humor, storytelling and no-nonsense calls to action which result in long-term change.

Ask yourself this question: What are the roles your staff members have taken on over time?  Now, we’re not talking about job titles like salesman or receptionist. We’re talking about things like “the bully”, “the victim”, “the golden child” or “the peacemaker”.

The list can go on and on, but fact is that virtually every business has these players and a whole lot of others.  As a manager or business owner, you may not have realized that these roles even exist in your organization, but you have noticed tension, decreasing productivity or even the loss of valuable team members.  Or perhaps you did realize people were playing these roles, but despite your best efforts believe nothing can be done about it.

But something can be done; and it begins with one call to keynote speaker and business consultant Russ Cherry.

When you bring in Russ for a workshop and consultation with your team, you’ll start to better understand the dynamics which occur in any group of people. You’ll also find out how to stop the behaviors which are disrupting your work environment and replace them with behaviors which open the doors to improved communication and effective problem solving.

As a business owner, you’ll also have the support you need to take an active and appropriate leadership role while creating an environment in which personal accountability is both expected and demanded.  Doing so will put an end to labels and begin a new legacy which fosters idea sharing, business growth and long-term success for both individuals and the company as a whole.

  • One- and two-day workshops available
  • Individual coaching for business owners and managers
  • Engaging format and materials

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