Exercise Your Brain

Our brains need new ideas. Check out what happens in your head as you watch this clip.

These guys, OK Go, are always creating. Forget about the quality of the tones or the lack of crisp editing. As you watch you will find your brain processing quickly.

There is always a new instrument, timing, or set up to ponder and reverse engineer. You want to know how they did this or that. Your heart rate and blood pressure will increase indicating an elevated interest level on your part, even if you don’t like their song.

We need new ideas! We must have them. When our brains are presented with the same thing over and over (think Groundhog Day) we become complacent and dull. Now don’t get me wrong–we need certain things to stay the same for our physical and emotional wellbeing. But we also need to be challenged so that we can stretch our brains and give them the exercise they need.

So here’s a question for you: what can you do to stretch your brain today? To feed it and fuel its growth?  Keep in mind that it often requires getting out of your comfort zone and trying something you’ve maybe always dreamed about but never let yourself actually do.  It’s amazing what can happen.

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  1. in-credibly-amazing! I felt like a kid again watching them make music! Thanks for the reminder! You’ve inspired me to write, Russ! Go man, go!!!

  2. If not for your writing this topic could be very cooulnvted and oblique.


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