What Are You Great At? Know Your Core Competency

A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet a multimillionaire at a business convention. He’d seen a lot of motivational speakers and business trainers over the years, so he asked me to talk to him for just a few minutes. He asked me, point blank, what it was I did—and what set me apart from everyone else out there.

This was one of those moments for me that I smile when I think about. You see, I wait for people to ask me that question every single day—because I love nothing better than answering it. And I did.

I told him that he’d know why I was different when he answered the question I was about to ask him. He looked at me a little skeptically.

abstract_110003863-1013int-011314int“What are you great at?” I asked.

His jaw dropped a little.

“Seriously,” I said. “What are you just absolutely incredible at?”

In his 70 years of life, no one had ever asked him that question. They’d asked him his strengths or what he was good at from one perspective or another. But never what he was hands-down awesome at?

He’s not alone. If I had to guess, 95% of people have never been asked that question—and that the other 5% are people who have been in one of my seminars or gone through one of my trainings.

So why does it matter what you’re incredible at as opposed to what you’re merely good at?

  • Good can be taught. Incredible is part of who you are—it’s part of your very core. That’s why it’s your “core competency.”
  • When we know what we’re great at, we are compelled to do more of it.
  • We move away from merely working to doing what we’re designed to do, and the results are virtually immeasurable in terms of productivity and satisfaction.

Now—what happened with the gentleman I met at the convention? A week after our conversation, I was doing a training session with his leadership team. A month after that, I was working with 800 of his employees. His book of business grew and he gained more employees. But most importantly, he and the people who worked with him now had a purpose outside of a paycheck. They were focused on doing what they did best individually (making the most of their core competencies) and seeking the incredible as a team.

And that’s what being great is all about. 

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  1. Now I feel stiupd. That’s cleared it up for me



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